Sailing a large racing schooner is an outstanding experience - the ship has 1300 to 2383 square metres of sails, set on wooden masts and spars and operated with the help of 16 hydraulic winches. With a moderate breeze the ship is very comfortable and easy to sail, with more wind the ship heels and starts roaring down the race track. Guests may participate in the action.

Highly polished bronze, silver-grey teak, gleaming varnished teak and mahogany, satin-like stainless steel fittings: pure luxury and a true classic racing schooner. GERMANIA NOVA has all modern facilities on board, the latest equipment, and in case of windless periods, a nearly noiseless main engine.

At anchor you may enjoy a variety of sports activities, from waterskiing and wakeboarding to diving and from fishing to wellness. Enjoy the stunning appearance of this ship at sea.
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